Walking Football

Walking Football is possibly the fastest growing form of football in the UK at the moment and probably the slowest too! As the title suggests it is exactly the same as normal footy except it’s a free kick if players run.

This is ideal for folks who dont have the fitness for running or want overly competitive football and yet they love the game. Guys join for the same reason as everyone else – fun, friendship, banter and exercise.

It’s hard not to run in the early stages, especially when a pass is just out of reach and rolls into touch! Quotes “It is amazing, a far greater workout than I expected but great fun”, “I hadn’t kicked a ball for 30 years and I love it”, “I’m 70 and loving every minute”!

For individuals: contact your local County FA to see where Walking Football Sessions are in your area. There are more starting all the time and if County FAs receive enquiries they are more likely to start them up.

For Church groups: Consider setting a group up yourself. For support contact Ambassadors Football who have years of experience helping Churches use football to reach their communities.


Tel: 01204 363606