To play or not to play – Tevez

Champions League September 2011 – Uproar and the Sports pages are filled with one incident.

Allegedly Tevez of Man City refused to go on as a sub with 20 miutes to go in a Champions League away tie. His Manager, Mancini, says he will never play for the club again!

The next day Tevez issues a statement saying there was a “misunderstanding”!

So what do you think? Should he be turfed out of the Country like some say and banned from playing anywhere?

Is that behaviour worse than some footballers who have been charged with GBH, been in jail and then welcomed back to football?

If you were his Manager how would you feel now? Would you try to understand the player’s reasons for his actions and consider forgiveness? Or would you stick firm and insist he leaves or rots in the reserves?

If you were Tevez how would you feel – that you had been wronged? What if you had been misunderstood, how would you want to act now? Would it be possible for you (Tevez) to play at City again? Discuss…