Sports Ministry Case Study 4

The Ubabalo Project is all about preparing 3000 Christian coaches and footballers to use the 2010 World Cup as a platform for outreach and evangelism – the outgrowth of a multidenominational church network wanting to realise the huge potential the World Cup has for the Gospel. The Aim is to train and support coaches and footballers to run football ministry events through the local church and in local communities, not just during the 2010 world Cup, but for many years beyond. 1000 churches from different denominations to sponsor three delegates each to be trained and for these churches to support them in providing outreach and ministry into the local community these coaches will be trained in the area of Aids and HIV awareness and how to share God’s love through sports ministry as well as train the top South African delegates to be Coach Educators on a Level 3 course for the future. So far in 2007. AIS ran the first Level 1 course in Cape Town with 60 delegates and in 2008, AIS ran four Level 1 courses (Cape Town, Pretoria, Soweto and Polokwane) where for 134 coaches and a Level 2 course( in Cape Town) for 15 coaches who completed the 2007 level 1 course.