UK Sports Chaplaincy

Since our chaplain got involved with Manchester United in September 1992, I have become more and more aware of UK Sports Chaplaincy and its work. I am glad to see its influence extending across the UK and to a wider range of sports- especially to Scottish Football and to Horse Racing! Chaplains can be of help to all sorts of people involved with sport, when crisis, need, or difficulty comes. I commend the idea of sports chaplaincy and the work to you.
Sir Alex Ferguson, CBE, Manager, Manchester United.

“There is no doubt that our club chaplain has performed a very valuable service at the club. For players, he almost acts as a mentor. With the rest of the staff, he has offered real support for those who have suffered bereavement or just need someone to talk to. In today’s helter-skelter world, a voice of calmness can be inspiring and invigorating.”
Jim Cumbes, Chief Executive/ Secretary, Lancashire County Cricket Club

“Our chaplain is doing a tremendous job within our industry. Not only does he help stable staff, he gives support to individuals in every branch of racing. Mark Tompkins, Trainer and Chair of Newmarket Trainers Federation

Chaplaincy gives a whole other dimension to our club. It brings a personal touch – people feel like they can be listened to as individuals. If chaplaincy was established in every club, I think it would be of huge benefit to the game as a whole.
Ian McGeechan, Director of Rugby London Wasps & Head Coach British Lions 2009

Increasingly those involved in sport recognise the need for pastoral and spiritual care. Chaplains address that need – and at the same time build links between local church and community. Chaplains bring a practical demonstration of God’s love into the clubs. This kingdom work deserves support from across the whole church.
Bishop Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden