Run for the World R4TW

Run for the World R4TW – an initiative of OM SportsLink

Supporting Local & Global Transformational Sports Community Projects

What is R4TW? – R4TW brings people together in a fun, healthy way using a passion for sport to change lives.  We encourage and support groups all over the world and in the UK to organise and run 5k events all on the same day.  This year we have set ourselves the challenge of running around the world in a day.  We are going for an event in each of the 24 time zones racking up 40,000km (the circumference of the earth) so we are literally running around the world in one day.

There are 4 main benefits

R elationships – Bringing communities, churches, other agencies and businesses together

4 undraising – in 2012 we raised $40,000 for sports ministries – groups can use this to raise money for their projects

T ogetherness – It’s good to feel part of something big, participating together with communities all across the world

W ellness  – It’s great to use this event to promote healthy, fun activity

Where is R4TW? Since 2007 we have seen thousands of people take part in 20 nations. There is a growing number of runs all over the world—from Ukraine to USA and Nepal to The Netherlands.

R4TW Projects – Many lives have been transformed over the years.  A typical project is ‘Just One Ball’ in Zambia where soccer is used to teach young men how to take responsibility and be better fathers. Let’s make more stories!

This global event really can help sports ministries so how do we help organize an event?

  • Provide simple event planning checklists
  • Give ideas of different models for your culture
  • Advice about promotion and fund raising
  • Online registration and graphic design