Onside Soccer

Onside Soccer (www.onsidesoccer.com) is a Christian sports outreach charity which specialises in taking groups from the UK to the developing world to set up football coaching with children and young people there.  Working in partnership with local churches, we also engage in social projects and get involved fully in the communities where we are based.  Currently we have established links in Uganda, Ghana and Romania and hope to expand to other destinations soon.  As a charity we have three main aims:

  • to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved through sports coaching (mainly football),
  • to contribute to the work of social action projects in targeted areas via the contact of local churches,
  • to disciple and educate tour participants through a structured programme of daily talks, bible studies and practical application focusing on social justice, poverty and international development from a Christian perspective.

To help raise awareness of what we do and to assist with raising funds we also organise European football weekend breaks, giving customers the chance to see some of Europe’s top football teams in action.