Kings Volunteer

Kings Volunteer is part of the Kings Foundation, a UK charity that believes that all children are loved and valued by God and that by helping children to reach their potential through sport and activity, we are doing God’s work.  Kings Volunteer aims to equip, enable and inspire local volunteers to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people to be active, have fun and learn together. With a focus on benefitting disadvantaged and marginalized children and working through local partners, Kings Volunteer provides the training, resources and encouragement to enable organizations, churches and individuals to use sport and activity to enrich the lives of children and young people.

We understand that not all children will grow up to be sports stars, but we believe that all children can enjoy the benefits of participating in sport and activity. In addition, the Kings Volunteer approach can be a great vehicle for integrating health, education and Christian faith messages – bringing children, families and communities together and promoting an environment where children feel valued and encouraged to reach their potential.

The Kings Volunteer approach has three key components:

  • The Training we provide: Designed to be very simple and adaptable to any context, the training equips local volunteers with no previous experience to deliver fun, informative and inclusive activity sessions that children and young people really enjoy.
  • The Resources we share: The Base Pack is a carefully designed back-pack of sports resources that can be used to deliver a wide range of games and activities for all ages and abilities – meaning everyone can join in the fun, whatever their ability or affinity with sport.

The Community we build: With local volunteers and partners using the Base Packs in over 10 countries, across a wide range of contexts (from Uganda to Romania to Pakistan), we love to keep in touch with everyone – encouraging an exchange of ideas and promoting an international network of support.

The Base Pack is a great tool to enhance church outreach initiatives and also provides a very practical way for churches to support the work of other local actors. The possibilities are endless and the wonderful thing about the KV approach is that it is so flexible: it gives you the tools to design a programme that meets the needs of the local communities that you serve; integrating themes which are appropriate and relevant to the lives of the children and families that live there.

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