Going for it!

Going For It? – Would You?

A Teacher prepared a test for his students. The test questions were divided into 3 categories and the students were instructed to choose questions from only one category. The first questions were the hardest and worth 100 points. The second group were easier and worth 50 points and the third ones were easiest and so worth only 25 points. When the tests were marked the students who had chosen the hardest 100 point questions received an A Grade. Those who had chosen the 50 point questions received a B Grade and those who chose the easiest questions received a C Grade. The students were furious with the grading method, however the Teacher explained that he wasn’t testing knowledge, he was testing their aims!
In a football match you find yourself 40 yards out, the keeper is just off his line, the ball is sitting up nicely, what would you do? Would you be prepared for the stick from team-mates if you missed badly and give it a go and shoot? Or would you take the sensible route and pass? If you passed and then you didn’t get another chance to score all game and you end up losing 1-0, when the game is over would you regret not taking that risk of that long range shot on goal?
Football and life are both all about choices, we make some good choices and some poor ones, ones we are glad we made and ones we regret. In life we have that decision to make about whether to follow Jesus or lead life our own way. We can only make that decision whilst we are in the game, once the final whistle has gone it is too late. Aiming for the highest level knowing it will be hard brings great rewards. There is a well known saying “better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all”, go on shoot next time! However, choosing to be on God’s team with the Christians you know isn’t about having hard times. Yes, you may get laughed at by others who don’t understand, but is that worse than missing your chance for glory? The Good News of the story of Jesus is called God’s grace, giving us what we don’t deserve. We get another chance and are forgiven for all the mistakes we have made in the past, yes all of them – those sitters we have missed, those bad tackles, the bad language when the referee can’t hear, yes all forgotten!
A simple prayer is the transfer fee, you can say it wherever you are, when ever and if you mean it in your heart you are signed on right there and then. Here it is, your choice to go for it or to let the opportunity for glory to pass, it’s your call….
“Father I am sorry for all the times I have messed up in the past and made wrong decisions. Thank you for sending Jesus to earth to die for me on the cross so that I might be forgiven for all I have done wrong. Please come into my life and lead me from now on. Amen” If you meant that prayer in your heart you are now on God’s team, please tell a Christian that you know, they will be more excited than scoring a goal, yes it means that much!