Engage 2015 – Rugby World Cup


Engage 2015 is a cross denominational campaign set up to help UK churches  serve  the rugby community during the World Cup event in October 2015. We have no official status within Rugby World Cup 2015.

Our aim is to help UK’s churches demonstrate God’s love by serving the World Cup 2015, and the rugby community during it, to the fullest possible extent.

Our approach is that Engage 2015 should be centrally resourced and locally delivered. Thus, our role is to;

Provide churches with inspiration, information and resources

To build relationships between the church & the rugby community

The World Cup – the third largest international sports event – comes to the UK during September/October 2015.

It will involve:

  • 20 national squads from across the globe – including all the home nations
  • 48 games and 50 training centres spread – from Newcastle to Exeter, and Cardiff to Brighton
  • 400,000 visitors from over 100 nations
  • Wall to wall media coverage

This presents every church with another great opportunity to serve the event and share God’s love.

It happened during the London 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee.

Now we can do it again

Offering during the world cup:

  • chaplaincy to teams
  • youth and children’s events
  • festivals
  • family hosting
  • guest events
  • sports quizes
  • games pastors
  • volunteering

For more information, please email info@engage2015.co.uk

Website: www.engage2015.co.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Engage2015

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Engage2015