Christian messages on Sports Clothing

Sports Clothing from

Spread the word and let others initiate conversations through what you are wearing.

eg. “Going the extra mile”, “Feed the 5K”, “Which Way?” & others.

Procedures to purchase Sports slogan branded clothing on line are below. There are options to choose standard cotton garments or sporty 100% polyester items. Sweats, T-shirts, Vests etc are available.

The logos can be put on the front and back if required.

Add in your Church or team name or logo as required.

Ordering procedure:

  1. Go onto
  2. Click on “Create your own” – The Design Studio programme will then load, this can take a few seconds
  3. Click on the “Product tab”
  4. Choose the item of clothing you would like from the “All Products” category or click on the little black down arrow and then on the “Sportswear” line to bring up the 100% Polyester t-shirts and vests that are available if preferred.
  5. Choose the size of the item you would like.
  6. Choose the quantity of the item, the default is 1
  7. Click on the “Artwork” tab.
  8. Then select a category via the little black down arrow – choose “sports”.
  9. Click on the design that you like, that will put it onto the clothing that you have chosen and show the location

10. Click on the back view of the item if you would like a design on the back too. This doubles the promotion! Click on the same or a different design.

11. Click on Add to Cart and follow the instructions to pay for the item/s

If you have any problems please

i)          Make contact with InYerFaith directly on 08451 800 831

ii)         Contact Mark Blythe (UK Sports Ministries Website Co-ordinator) if the problem isn’t resolved

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