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Christian Events in the Greater London area

London Marathon 2015 & The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army are trying to pull together our biggest ever team of runners in next year’s Virgin Money London Marathon as we will be celebrating our 150th Anniversary in 2015.

We have a number of charity places that people can apply for, but we are also hoping that we will be joined by some of the runners who receive a place in the ballot.

All funds raised from London Marathon sponsorship will benefit The Salvation Army’s work with the homeless.

Runners who are part of Team Sally will receive:

  • A breathable Salvation Army running vest with iron-on letters for their name
  • Training plans for beginner, intermediate and advance runners
  • A Training Run to help you prepare for the Big Day
  • A Team Sally Army Pre-race pasta party in Central London
  • Post-race massages
  • Support from The Salvation Army Cheering Squad on race day
  • A fundraising pack crammed full of ideas
  • A dedicated London Marathon Rep to give you fundraising support
  • Fantastic team camaraderie
  • Regular newsletters
  • Running Facebook group

We are also hoping to be able to offer a limited amount of highly discounted accommodation to our runners who live outside the capital.

Please see here for more information and an application form:

‘Clubhouse’ Events for all

Are you a Christian involved in sport?
Do you play, coach or officiate?
Are you keen to reach your community through sport?
Clubhouse is an evening for you and others from across your city who are passionate about reaching the world of sport for Christ.


To checkout the locations and dates visit:

London Marathon Outreach

London Marathon report from St Anne’s Church, Limehouse

On marathon day, we opened up the crypt for “tea, toilets and timeout” for marathon spectators. About a hundred people came through the doors in a three hour period – mainly to use the loos, and we were able to give out invitation cards to Easter services and copies of a tract by “A Passion for Life”. The strengths of the event were that it gave congregation members opportunities to be involved in first contact evangelism (giving out tracts, engaging people in conversation, being prepared to stay around for lunch and create a “buzz” about the crypt) and what we were offering (particularly toilets) genuinely served the marathon spectators. The main weakness of the event was that the majority of people coming into the church were not local (although some were) and opportunities for gospel conversations were fairly limited. I think it would be worth doing a similar event next year.

Andy Jelfs, Parish Worker

St Anne’s Church, Limehouse, London

Faith and Fitness

Faith and Fitness

We are a small christian sports group who meet every Thursday at Seymour Leisure Centre, London W1K 5TJ from 7-9:30 pm. We study 5 verses and discuss 5 questions in a spin studio and then head out to go running or play racket sports including badminton, table tennis and squash finishing with a prayer and food at the local pub. Join us! All abilities and people welcome!





London Churches Football Tournament

The London Churches Football Tournament has just celebrated it’s 10th year and this year it has grown into a 2 day tournament.

It’s a football tournament designed for Church Based teams to come and have fun, play football and hear the Gospel message.

It is a 6-s-side tournament played on 3G astroturf indoors at the amazing London Soccerdome facility by the O2 in Greenwich.

Youths U10, U12, U14, U16 played on Saturday 3rd May, 2014

and the Men & Women played on Bank Holiday Monday 5th May, 2014

To obtain details about the 2015 competition contact Steve Read from Ambassadors Football via


Talk Dan 2Ladies Final lineup 2013Winners Emmanuel

Running Churches at parkruns

Many Churches have running groups that participate in the free weekly 5km parkruns that happen all across the country.

Runners GS Names close up

Churchrun – a how to guide to setting up a church based running club

Chiltern Church Runners – a working example

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Can you take church out to people?

Taps into an external organised event (parkrun – free timed 5k run every Saturday) with its own infrastructure, you can contribute to the running by adding volunteers – but you do not have to organise from scratch. We, and you, can be supporters of parkrun as well as users of it. All you need are a few ‘runners’.

There are three simple steps;

  1. E-mail the main parkrun site telling them you are a club, with a club name that includes the word Church, Christian, Baptist etcetera.  See
  2. Get T-shirts (or ‘bibs’) with the club name and maybe a slogan on – be visible.
  3. If you can have a webpage (ideally on your church site), you can add this as a link to your club on the parkrun site.

In some ways it is that easy. Each runner can link themselves to the club, club membership is retroactive – so all your ‘old’ runs are credited to the club.

The idea is to be visible and offer a gentle (but clear) invitation – ‘we are here, ask about us if you want’.

You are advertising via t-shirts, club name in results list, and weblink to your running page on the church website. We have advertised the Christmas services on the parkrun website – one regular at our parkrun commented we had ‘earned the right’ to do so, as ‘it’s not as if we had just come along’, we were 9 months in to attending. You could do similar things, in due course.

Over 40% of our runners do not come to Chiltern, we call them ‘associate runners’ and it is my belief that nearly all of those people do not come to church at all. We also run other events, we have run under the Church name in events all over England. People will come and run in the name of a church, who would not necessarily want to come to church. I would note we have chosen to give them free t-shirts as a thank you for ‘advertising’ us.

Don’t want the expense of t shirts for all your runners? A new club has just used a ‘bib’ – print the name of your club twice on a sheet of A4 in large font (say Holy Trinity Church Wallington, for example) – reduce this down to 2 rectangles just under A5 size. Laminate and then cut in half, hole punch carefully in corners – you can now use safety pins to attach this club ‘bib’ it’s cheap, waterproof, and reusable. You can swith to t’s later, or not if you want.

What does success look like? People coming to church would be great, but making people more open to faith and less negative about church/faith is also a worthy goal. Certainly reducing people’s already negative views of church was as far as I believe one post race pub chat with two associate runners was ever going to go. Also we are growing, more church attendees are coming, and having the opportunity to ‘fly the flag’ for Chiltern in a way they otherwise would not. If you can get numbers, it certainly helps!

To make it work at least one person should be passionate, or at least enthusiastic about the activity. However it should be accessible to a broad range of people. On that note it can be valuable to recruit ‘non runners’, one lady in her fifties who had the bravery to come has lead to at least half a dozen more believing they can do it – she now has over 20 parkruns. The ‘non runner’ has become a runner.

Those that really cannot run have also contributed, prayer, childcare provision, and volunteering have supported our ministry – don’t turn anyone away if you can help it.

Getting people to do something new in their Christian life is good, getting non Christians involved is good, but also getting Christians to make something they already do part of their Christian life is good as well. You can certainly ‘run for Jesus’, you can be dazzled by the beauty of God’s creation on a run, you can worship, you can support your fellows, you can ponder, you can connect, and (trust me on this one) you really can pray – sometimes for the end of the race!

I don’t think you can rush it, or be heavy handed about it if it is to work. That does not mean you cannot be open, an event report we wrote on ‘faith or ability’, got picked up on a parkrun facebook page and is still referenced there.

In summary

The church after all (cliché time) is not the building, it’s the people. When two of our ‘associate members’ chat with a church member who is also a runner, or when one of the fitness group members who use the building decide to run for us they are meeting ‘church’, and in fact they end up meeting quite a lot of us! Make connections.

My point is almost not to run outreach events that ask people to come to a church building, but to harness events like parkrun  where people already reach out to those beyond the church and connect those events back, gently, to the people of the church as people of the church.

Questions and queries?

Just contact us on

Check out the list below and make contact with the people in the area near you if you would like to meet up with Christian runners and outreach groups.

Please email the website administrator Mark Blythe if you would like to be added to this list  –

1. Location: Croydon. Lloyd parkrun, Croydon, Surrey

Church: Selsdon Baptist Church Runners

Contact: Micky Wheeler or Julian Black

2. Location: Hampton Court/Teddington Surrey. Bushy parkrun

Church: Molesey Community Church & others

Team goodContact: Mark Blythe

3. Location: Croydon/Sutton. Roundshaw Downs parkrun

Church: Chiltern Church

Contact: Tim Gray

4. Location: Cheam, Surrey. Nonsuch parkrun

Church: The Church of the Good Shepherd, Carshalton, Surrey

Contact: Jason Hudson

Runners GS team 2



South London parkrun Open event

parkrun 5km running event with Christian Runners

At Roundshaw Downs parkrun Croydon/Sutton.

This was the second inter church mob match between Chiltern Church, Good Shepherd and Selsdon Baptist Runners. A picnic was enjoyed after the race which was also on the anniversary of Roundshaw parkrun. For further info,  contact Tim Gray –

For further info on the parkrun go to Parkruns are FREE, well organised and 5km for people of all standards – we hope to see you there – all welcome.

Football Ministry Training

Ambassadors Football stage training days for folks interested in learning more about Football Ministry.  We would also love experienced football ministry practitioners to come and share their secrets and mistakes with others so we can all learn from each other!

For more info contact Steve Read on

The last training day was  at the Soccerdome by the O2 in London. Six different football ministries based in the UK shared their experiences and knowledge and the feedback was very positive. Dan Owen from Ambassadors Football shared about the new Community Cage Franchise project that helps Churches connect with local youths especially; Chris Roe, Crystal Palace Chaplain shared some insights into Chaplaincy in the professional game; Tom Rutter from Kick London taught on youth academies; Steve Miles from Christians in Sport shared about supporting Professionals in the game with their faith; Mark Blythe shared 20 years of experience running Church teams and leagues; Linvoy Primus shared about playing in the Premier League for Portsmouth and how he is now called to share the Gospel; James Jaggard of 90+ Ministries spoke about the academy work in the north west and putting football coaches into local schools and churches and highly qualified John Squires of Ambassadors took a coaching session on the pitch with delegates joining in as they wanted to. An amazing day of football ministry.

Contact Steve for more information about the next event


All Souls London Sport

All Souls Church in Langham Place London has an all year round sports ministry programme called SOLE Sports.

SOLE Sports has many regular sports as well as some annual trips, tournaments and special events. The sports currently on offer are:

Badminton Friday eve Central London
Basketball Saturday AM Central London
Climbing Once a month Westway
Football Monday eve Central London
Pilates Monday eve

Tues 12.30

Central London
Running Thursday eve Pimlico
Sailing Sunday PM (summer) Locations vary
Ski/Snowboard Once a year Europe
Table Tennis Friday eve Central London
Tennis Saturday AM Regents Park
Touch Rugby Saturday AM Regents Park / Wandsworth Common

For more information email visit and find us on facebook – SOLE Sports.