Bejing 2 London

What B2L is about –

Basically B2L is a four year outreach campaign within the unique time frame between the Beijing and London Olympics. Teams from a variety of different Christian agencies can go out and prayers be aimed towards service opportunities in China, Central Asia and some surrounding nations, the Middle East, and Europe (2008-2012 moving Westward progressively). Mainly they will be doing:

– prayer,
– acts of kindness,
– celebration of cultures,
– and building relationship.

These are four categories of practical and meaningful action that people can do even in more difficult places, should be welcomed by those affected by it (there are no laws against these four things if done in the right way), and can be used as means to strengthen or establish longer term initiatives. Read more on our web site if you are interested, or email us at

What we are looking for

Sports is of course a very easy way to connect and to serve people, and all such efforts can play an essential part in the road leading up to London 2012. We are looking for those who would like to be active members of the growing network of those involved; to pray, spread the word, and to send or facilitate outreach teams. As we work in unity and find synergy in our work, the effect is multiplied.

Peter Wilburg, YWAM Harpenden B2L Team Leader