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YFC Gap year

Youth For Christ. Yfc is passionate about using sport to reach young people with the good news of Jesus. YFC runs mission teams in football basketball and street football – Kick, Fly and Nomad.

If you want to check out details on these teams and how they can help in your local area then please go to our website at YFC is very excited about its Cage football and street football pitch, both of which are available to be delivered with your own church or school.

If you are interested in joining one of our teams on a Gap Year then please check out and read through the details.

Barry Mason is responsible for all the sports ministry in YFC and would love to hear from you with any questions or comments on 07734022443 or PICTURE AVAILABLE

Christians in Sport

Christians in Sport:

Tel: 01869 255630

Christians in Sport supports the local church and their many players, coaches and administrators as they spread the unstoppable message of the gospel through their local sports clubs. Our day to day work involves equipping Christian sportsmen and women of all ages and abilities to represent Jesus in their sports clubs and teams, as well as helping churches across the UK with their evangelistic preaching to sportspeople.


CSRM (Church Sport and Recreation Minsters) is an international sports ministry that has as its mission statement – ‘seeing local churches change lives for Christ through sport’. Though based in the USA it has strong links with the UK, Canada, Egypt, Uganda, Liberia and Ethiopia where it seek to equip the local church in its sports and recreation ministry programme. CSRM’s annual Summit conference leads the world in its training of the local church’s sports minister whilst its certification programme and counselling network builds into the lives of both individuals and church communities. Bryan Mason (International Director) (office) 07916-252709 (mobile)


Youth For Christ. Yfc is passionate about using sport to reach young people with the good news of Jesus. YFC runs mission teams in football, basketball and street football – Kick, Fly and Nomad. If you want to check out details on these teams and how they can help in your local area then please go to our website at YFC is very excited about its Cage football and street football pitch, both of which are available to be delivered with your own church or school. Barry Mason is responsible for all the sports ministry in YFC and would love to hear from you with any questions or comments on 07734022443 or

Salvation Army – International Sports Ministry

The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland are particularly interested in how best to engage with the world of sport in the run up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The aim is to establish long-term sports ministries within our churches and social centres that will extend far beyond the completion of the Games.

Already throughout the UK and Ireland, many of our churches and social centres use sport as a way of building relationships, supporting their community and sharing the love of Jesus. The purpose of this office is to share with our churches and centres how through sport we can worship God, do mission and discipleship. We partner with various sports ministry organisations and are looking to extend these partnerships where possible so as to empower and equip local churches to be able to do sports ministry in a relevant and intentional way.

The Salvation Army is also partnering with other churches and organisations within the umbrella ecumenical charity More Than Gold ( At all international sporting events, The SA are often actively involved in the Christian activities that surround them and provide some unique services to participants and supporters during the event.

If you want to know how you can get your church or centre involved in sports ministry, or if you are wanting to find out what you can do during the Games please contact Sarah-Jane Alley Phone: (020) 7367 4792 Mobile: 07726695406 Email: Website

Ambassadors Football (nee in Sport)

Ambassadors in Sport:

In 1990, 3 overseas amateur footballers who had relocated to the northern England town of Bolton started a football team by placing an advert in a local newspaper. From these humble beginnings a movement started that is ‘Ambassadors in Sport’ which has grown not only nationally across the UK (offices in Bolton and London) but to over 15 countries globally. The ambitions of these founders have always extended beyond the field itself; their Christian faith, ethos and values drove them to go beyond the game and actually seek to ‘bring hope through football’. Since becoming a UK registered charity (No 1055422) and a limited company (No 3172553) in 1997; AIS has aimed to be facilitators in mobilizing people and churches to participate in the vision to bring holistic transformation in individuals and communities through football. AIS want to serve the football community with excellence which means that Ambassadors want to support, help, encourage, include, partner, resource, focus on others and be big hearted towards the people involved at home and abroad in the football culture and community. AIS especially want to stand alongside those (particularly children/young people) who are poor, marginalized or vulnerable. Generally the Christian beliefs and foundations of AIS will be demonstrated in the character (e.g. integrity, trust, grace, Christ-like etc) of AIS workers and the way they connect (e.g. inclusiveness, respect for individuals, family etc) with others within the UK and overseas. Distinctively AIS seek to value Innovation, Team, Football and Church. Therefore in approach and attitude; AIS want to value Church by putting it at the heart of its tactics to be agents of transformation in the football community. The primary way in which this tactic will be worked out is to envision, equip and enable churches to engage effectively with the football culture. AIS wants to be intentional about tying in as much of its work (e.g. in schools, prisons, youth offenders, detached youth work, churches, youth clubs, teams, leagues, tours, tournaments, soccer schools, soccer weekends, football in the community and amongst the marginalised e.g. ‘Kids at Risk and homeless football projects) into local expressions of community i.e. church and football clubs.

Ambassadors Name Change

Following a 2 year international review and a global leaders summit in January 2013, there has been unanimous support for the name of ‘Ambassadors in Sport’ to be changed to ‘Ambassadors Football’ by the leaders of all the Ambassadors works around the world plus staff and trustees in the UK. The explanation for this change is that:

  • We are often asked what sports apart from football we do and therefore want to clearly identify ourselves as specialists within our chosen sport of football
  • We don’t want to be confused with other sports ministry organisations and so this name change will bring clarity to the wider sports ministry movement about what Ambassadors does
  • We wish to communicate from our name a greater inclusiveness and sense of “movement” both in the UK and across the world as we work both in and through football
  • We wanted to retain the name ‘Ambassadors’ as this is how we are known plus it is part of our God given calling (2 Corinthians 5:20) and DNA to be God’s ‘good news’ messengers to football loving people

Ambassadors run the very popular London Churches Football Tournament held at the Indoors 3g Astroturf Soccerdome by the O2.

The 6-a-side tournament has expanded to 2 days this year:

Sat 3 May Youths: U10s, U12s, U14s, U16s (Featuring Linvoy Primus)

Mon 5 May (Bank Holiday): Men & Women

Check out the entry form below

LCFT Entry Form 2014

Sporting Marvels

Sporting Marvels serve the Rhondda Valley with 16 full-time workers to see God’s Kingdom reign with community transformation. SM work in 4 Comprehensive schools and in 16 Primary school within the Rhondda Valley. Running programs like Sports Days, Night of Champions, Question of Sport etc. Their Mighty Marvels and All Star Leadership Academy are well established and see great favour with PE staff and Head Teachers.

Going for it!

Going For It? – Would You?

A Teacher prepared a test for his students. The test questions were divided into 3 categories and the students were instructed to choose questions from only one category. The first questions were the hardest and worth 100 points. The second group were easier and worth 50 points and the third ones were easiest and so worth only 25 points. When the tests were marked the students who had chosen the hardest 100 point questions received an A Grade. Those who had chosen the 50 point questions received a B Grade and those who chose the easiest questions received a C Grade. The students were furious with the grading method, however the Teacher explained that he wasn’t testing knowledge, he was testing their aims!
In a football match you find yourself 40 yards out, the keeper is just off his line, the ball is sitting up nicely, what would you do? Would you be prepared for the stick from team-mates if you missed badly and give it a go and shoot? Or would you take the sensible route and pass? If you passed and then you didn’t get another chance to score all game and you end up losing 1-0, when the game is over would you regret not taking that risk of that long range shot on goal?
Football and life are both all about choices, we make some good choices and some poor ones, ones we are glad we made and ones we regret. In life we have that decision to make about whether to follow Jesus or lead life our own way. We can only make that decision whilst we are in the game, once the final whistle has gone it is too late. Aiming for the highest level knowing it will be hard brings great rewards. There is a well known saying “better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all”, go on shoot next time! However, choosing to be on God’s team with the Christians you know isn’t about having hard times. Yes, you may get laughed at by others who don’t understand, but is that worse than missing your chance for glory? The Good News of the story of Jesus is called God’s grace, giving us what we don’t deserve. We get another chance and are forgiven for all the mistakes we have made in the past, yes all of them – those sitters we have missed, those bad tackles, the bad language when the referee can’t hear, yes all forgotten!
A simple prayer is the transfer fee, you can say it wherever you are, when ever and if you mean it in your heart you are signed on right there and then. Here it is, your choice to go for it or to let the opportunity for glory to pass, it’s your call….
“Father I am sorry for all the times I have messed up in the past and made wrong decisions. Thank you for sending Jesus to earth to die for me on the cross so that I might be forgiven for all I have done wrong. Please come into my life and lead me from now on. Amen” If you meant that prayer in your heart you are now on God’s team, please tell a Christian that you know, they will be more excited than scoring a goal, yes it means that much!

Christians in Sport Academy


Christians in Sport has been reaching the world of sport for Christ for over thirty years. We work with sportspeople across the age range, covering over 80 different sports from those playing in the school team through to those competing professionally. Our day to day work has two major aspects to it. Firstly, we train and encourage thousands of players and coaches to represent Christ in their sports clubs and teams by the way they play their sport on the field and live their life off it. Secondly, we support these Christian sportspeople as they pray for and share the Good News of Jesus with their team mates. We do this, in partnership with the local church, by providing evangelism training as well as opportunities for sportspeople who are not Christians to hear the Christian message explained.

Christians in Sport run an Academy similar to a gap year opportunity, make contact asap to obtain info.

Spirit in Sport

Spirit in Sport’s mission is to change the lives of children, youth and adults for the sake of Jesus Christ. To operate sports programmes based on Christian sporting values, where everyone can participate in an accessible, healthy and fun sporting environment. For everyone whatever ability, to participate and achieve their potential whether in or outside of the church. SIS brings hope through sport by envisioning and enabling individuals and churches in Sport Outreach. Contact Chris Cox

Sport for thought!

Sport for the day – Great quotes!
“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”
– Alexander Pope
“Every man dies. Not every man lives.” – Braveheart
“I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan
I disagree with Mr Pope! I prefer to expect the best, live my life striving for the best, (you don’t score if you don’t shoot!) and try my hardest at everything I do. We make decisions every day and in every game, the decisions we make show what type of person we are. However, someone said “Your past is not your future”, history rarely repeats itself. So let’s from now on live life to the full, use all the skills we have been given, give max effort and see how we will be blessed beyond what we dream for!

UK Sports Chaplaincy

Since our chaplain got involved with Manchester United in September 1992, I have become more and more aware of UK Sports Chaplaincy and its work. I am glad to see its influence extending across the UK and to a wider range of sports- especially to Scottish Football and to Horse Racing! Chaplains can be of help to all sorts of people involved with sport, when crisis, need, or difficulty comes. I commend the idea of sports chaplaincy and the work to you.
Sir Alex Ferguson, CBE, Manager, Manchester United.

“There is no doubt that our club chaplain has performed a very valuable service at the club. For players, he almost acts as a mentor. With the rest of the staff, he has offered real support for those who have suffered bereavement or just need someone to talk to. In today’s helter-skelter world, a voice of calmness can be inspiring and invigorating.”
Jim Cumbes, Chief Executive/ Secretary, Lancashire County Cricket Club

“Our chaplain is doing a tremendous job within our industry. Not only does he help stable staff, he gives support to individuals in every branch of racing. Mark Tompkins, Trainer and Chair of Newmarket Trainers Federation

Chaplaincy gives a whole other dimension to our club. It brings a personal touch – people feel like they can be listened to as individuals. If chaplaincy was established in every club, I think it would be of huge benefit to the game as a whole.
Ian McGeechan, Director of Rugby London Wasps & Head Coach British Lions 2009

Increasingly those involved in sport recognise the need for pastoral and spiritual care. Chaplains address that need – and at the same time build links between local church and community. Chaplains bring a practical demonstration of God’s love into the clubs. This kingdom work deserves support from across the whole church.
Bishop Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden

Sports Ministry Case Study 1

Colin is aged 33, a goalkeeper attending the Bolton project. Colin supports Oldham Athletic and has recently moved to Cumbria to work as a chef and is getting married early in 2009. ‘I joined the Street Soccer Bolton project whilst staying at the salvation army hostel. I was invited along by some other lads who were also at the hostel. I have been involved about nine months. I have benefitted from the exercise, being part of a very good setup and having a good laugh whilst being part of the team at Bolton. Oh, and of course, being part of the team that WON the inaugural Street Soccer tournament in 2008. I loved being part of this project and would love to be involved again and maybe do something like this in my new home area. I think Street Soccer can benefit lots of guys like me by giving them something to do and be part of and try help them burn some anger issues that come from problems in their past. The only thing I would like to see change about Street Soccer is that it would grow and get even better. I would like to add that without being part of the setup at Bolton I would have been very bored and got very depressed whilst in the hostel. I think the key to Street Soccer’s success is the associations they have that add value in terms of advice and help. The Urban Outreach Group (partner in Bolton Project) are great people who I have come to know and like and know they do great things for whoever they can.’S

Sports Ministry Case Study 2

In 2006 an Easter Soccer School was held at Hayes Lane Baptist Church. The Church was delighted with a turnout of 24 children for a week of Fun, Football & Faith. On the back of this, the Church with the help of Ambassadors for two days a week started delivering a community programme e.g. in local schools. The following year 64 children attended the 2007. This was achieved by working with a church of a membership of only around 70 people. Currently from this church, there is a football outreach work in 3 schools in the area with around 300 children per week taking part plus a Tuesday night church youth club with football and bible teaching for 33 youngsters who regularly attend.

Sports Ministry Case Study 3

In South Africa at a ‘youth offenders’ prison in which AIS have created a football, education and faith academy for a number of the inmates. Recently at a first ever family day where families of the AIS Academy inmates were able to visit the dormitory cells where the boys lived. That day a mother and son were reunited together after years of disappointment and separation. One boy said “this is the first time my family has ever watched me play sport”. One warden cried and others were deeply moved as they saw how the boys had changed and being reconciled with their families. Some boys spoke about how God had changed them, how they were once into gangsterism but God showed them a better way through revealing HIS love for them personally. However not one dad turned up which brought sadness – one boy stood and said how the boys wanted to break the cycle and be proper father figures for the next generation.

Sports Ministry Case Study 4

The Ubabalo Project is all about preparing 3000 Christian coaches and footballers to use the 2010 World Cup as a platform for outreach and evangelism – the outgrowth of a multidenominational church network wanting to realise the huge potential the World Cup has for the Gospel. The Aim is to train and support coaches and footballers to run football ministry events through the local church and in local communities, not just during the 2010 world Cup, but for many years beyond. 1000 churches from different denominations to sponsor three delegates each to be trained and for these churches to support them in providing outreach and ministry into the local community these coaches will be trained in the area of Aids and HIV awareness and how to share God’s love through sports ministry as well as train the top South African delegates to be Coach Educators on a Level 3 course for the future. So far in 2007. AIS ran the first Level 1 course in Cape Town with 60 delegates and in 2008, AIS ran four Level 1 courses (Cape Town, Pretoria, Soweto and Polokwane) where for 134 coaches and a Level 2 course( in Cape Town) for 15 coaches who completed the 2007 level 1 course.

Kick London

KICK LONDON is about transforming young people’s lives with God’s love through football, and aims to apply Christian values in a way that combines:

·        Quality sports and football programmes
·        Integrated life skills training

We provide an innovative and engaging programme of sports activities that are set in an encouraging, inclusive, and supportive environment focussing on the holistic learning (physical, social, spiritual, and emotional) of each young person. Kick London was established in the London Borough of Richmond in 2003. It is a company limited by guarantee, and a registered charity.  It is overseen by a Board of Trustees who focus on the work of Kick London as it develops across the whole of the capital city and local management teams in individual London Boroughs.

Our F.A. qualified coaches provide curriculum-integrated sessions in mainstream schools and Pupil Referral Units (for excluded pupils), are engaged in other national and local government programmes for children and young people outside mainstream education. We undertake assemblies, breakfast, lunchtime, and after school clubs in mainstream schools, provide activities for the socially, geographically and physically disadvantaged and support the establishment of local academies providing training and sports skills for all – not just those gifted and talented.

Kick London is making a difference already working with 3,500 young people per week and we are currently seeking funding to support a step change in our organisation and develop a managerial and operations team to facilitate Kick London’s growth to reach 30,000 young people each week by 2012. Website:
Contact details: Mark Anderson, Operations & Development Manager, Kick London, Holy Trinity Church, Sheen Park, Richmond, TW9 1UP

Sporting Marvels

Chris Welman

Sporting Marvels
With the educationalists singing their praises from the rooftops, the influence of the amazing Sporting Marvels project is both enormous and ever-growing.

Already in relationship with thousands of young people from every corner of the Rhondda Valleys, the dynamic Sporting Marvels workers are strategically placed to model right living, strong character and the Christian lifestyle.

The kids are responding in their droves, all keen to emulate their heroes, the coolest people in town!

As agents of transformation, the Marvels are changing the way a generation of young people think; about themselves, about others, about their community.

As the youngsters are encouraged to take responsibility for their own choices, the “I’m not, I can’t” culture is being replaced by “I am” and “I can”. Standards of behaviour are improving as attitudes change and hope and self-esteem soar. Everywhere you look, the Marvels are a positive influence for good.

Everyone agrees.

It’s an amazing track record! Shortly to begin its sixth school year, Sporting Marvels partners with a half of Rhondda’s schools and has seventeen workers in post; a team drawn from seven different countries! Through them, the Christian message and the love of Jesus has become everyday normal to thousands of young people who otherwise, may never have heard the Good News.

And all this in a place with the smallest proportion of regular church attenders in the Christianized world!

And what’s more it’s taken more than a million pounds to reach this point; in an area the 2001 Census declared the poorest part of the United Kingdom!!

How has it happened?

Ask the men behind the work and their answer is short and sweet; faith and love. “When Scripture says that ‘the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love’, you have to sit up and take notice”, they say.

Who can argue? Who would want to argue?

Sporting Marvels is a truly outstanding example of the Great Commission being fulfilled out the Great Commands; love your neighbour and “Do unto others” a core, foundational element stitched into every level of the project.

But in the war for the hearts and minds of a generation, there are many battles to be fought. A half of the area’s schools have yet to benefit from Sporting Marvels. Another fifteen workers are needed. And that will require a budget of more than £600,000 a year.

But God has given a strategy, an outstanding strategy. The seed is being dispensed in unprecedented quantities and, all over the world, the mighty Delta Force – an amazing army of Prayer Warriors – go into intercessory
battle nurturing and watering the seed.

The project’s key church partners are all busily going about fashioning a new wineskin. They know the harvest is coming. The signs are there.

Community transformation is coming to the Rhondda Valleys.

Bejing 2 London

What B2L is about –

Basically B2L is a four year outreach campaign within the unique time frame between the Beijing and London Olympics. Teams from a variety of different Christian agencies can go out and prayers be aimed towards service opportunities in China, Central Asia and some surrounding nations, the Middle East, and Europe (2008-2012 moving Westward progressively). Mainly they will be doing:

– prayer,
– acts of kindness,
– celebration of cultures,
– and building relationship.

These are four categories of practical and meaningful action that people can do even in more difficult places, should be welcomed by those affected by it (there are no laws against these four things if done in the right way), and can be used as means to strengthen or establish longer term initiatives. Read more on our web site if you are interested, or email us at

What we are looking for

Sports is of course a very easy way to connect and to serve people, and all such efforts can play an essential part in the road leading up to London 2012. We are looking for those who would like to be active members of the growing network of those involved; to pray, spread the word, and to send or facilitate outreach teams. As we work in unity and find synergy in our work, the effect is multiplied.

Peter Wilburg, YWAM Harpenden B2L Team Leader

Christian Surfers UK

Christian Surfers UK


Christian Surfers UK exists as a Christian presence and witness to the entire surfing community within the UK, Ireland & Europe.

Sitting out the back, waiting for the next set of waves, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the creation around us. At Christian Surfers UK we are a group of full-on surfers who are also committed Christians and we see God’s signature written all over the waves and the ocean. Our desire is to experience this amazing God for ourselves through a personal relationship.

Our aim is therefore a simple one: to tell other surfers that they too can have a relationship with God. We are not a church, but our members represent a wide range of different churches to which they belong. However, it is our main objective to bridge the gap between the beach community and the church. We are clear that we are not Christians because of any of the good things we might have done, nor because we may go to church. God saves us by his grace alone.

Headed by Phil Williams



Football and Jesus Addict

Mark Blythe, Molesey Community Church FC I was born in Australia to English Parents back in 1959, I have tended to be Australian during the cricket season and English at other times since then, although this year’s Ashes has changed that?! I have a very patient wife, Lesley, three sons, three step-kids and two step-grandchildren, mightily blessed! At 2 my Pommie parents escaped Australia & I was raised near Middlesbrough. I was a sport fanatic, represented my school at everything & County at 3 sports. I was a Boro season ticket holder and played in 3 footy matches most weekends, what a life! I went regularly to Church, yes every Christmas Eve without fail to keep my Mother company after my parents divorced! That was it, no other churchy input and that was more than enough for me. I went to Uni at 18 to do PE, coached soccer in USA and did the first London Marathon in 1981. I married a Catholic lady at 24, but I fought against attending Church throughout a ten-year marriage that ended in divorce, mainly due to my selfishness I have to admit. I was happily single, when I met a gorgeous woman. Disappointingly I soon learnt that she was a Christian. I started asking questions about her faith. She didn’t push it on me as we started a relationship, which was just as well cos to me Christianity was real bad news! Six months later on a business trip back to Australia, some friends invited me to their Church, they couldn’t believe it when I said I would go, and I was equally surprised! I didn’t know why all of a sudden I wanted to go but I just felt drawn. During the meeting the leader invited new people down to the front, for some reason I went. There was a reading on a big overhead screen, I started reading it and for some reason my eyes filled up with tears. Being a tough northerner I tried to stem the flow but couldn’t, fortunately I was facing the front wall! I felt an amazing warm sensation inside that I now know to be the Holy Spirit, along with the shock of finding that God really existed and could be felt in a tangible way, I had an amazing inner peace. To make it so I had to believe, God then told my son that Dad had become a Christian. So when I rang England from Australia they already knew!! Wow, that made me realize that there was something real about this and that I had better start looking into it seriously! The spirit changed my life dramatically, I no longer do anything to make more money. The saddest thing about becoming a Christian when I did was realising that I wasted 35 years not listening to all the people who tried to tell me that it was Good News, the people I labelled “Boring Bible Bashers” as I went off to play football. One of the best things was realising that I could still love my football, support Boro and be a Christian! I was amazed that it doesn’t hurt and I am just so grateful that I found all this out before it was too late! Since that day, God has healed my back and answered many prayers. I want to spend eternity in heaven with all my friends and I want them to experience God’s Love, that is just so amazing, right now. If folks actually did an Alpha course or quizzed a Christian friend with all their deepest questions I am convinced that most would choose to follow Jesus. Historians don’t deny that Jesus existed so why should you? And if he did exist and was who he claimed to be, maybe it’s worth reading what he had to say? Mark’s Gospel in the New Testament is a great place to start, reading it knowing it is historical truth changed my views on it greatly! That water into wine thing was quite impressive and coming back to life was pretty good too! Do you have an open mind? What if….. what if that nagging wonder at the back of your mind is actually true? I believe nothing on earth can give you as much lasting peace and enjoyment as realising that there is a God who loves you, yes you. He gave you free will to choose Him, that is love, He is ready and waiting … will you go for it? Love Molesey Community Church FC, Love Boro & Love Jesus – strange but true!

Trainee Activity Instructors

RockUK Adventure Centres – Trainee Instructors Based at Carroty Wood – Kent, Frontier Centre – Northants or Whithaugh Park – Scottish Borders ? Do you want to work in the outdoors and share your Christian faith? ? Do you want to receive nationally recognised training and qualifications? ? Do you want to help give young people the trip of a lifetime? ? AND get paid for it Rock UK Adventure Centres (formerly Barnabas Adventure Centres) is a Christian Charity and requires all it’s staff to be willing to share their faith with groups and other staff members through their lifestyle, words and actions. Get in touch! Contact: by email

The Barnabas Sport Trust

The Barnabas Sport Trust

The Barnabas Sports Trust is a
Christian charity based in South Devon
established in May 2003 :
• To provide quality sports coaching and
sports events with the aim of nurturing
and developing players of all abilities:
improving their game, boosting their
confidence, heightening their selfesteem
and enhancing their character.
• To nurture and develop children and
young people, of all abilities, in sporting
• To promote and advance Christian
principles through sport.
• To positively influence children and
young people in their mental,
physical and spiritual development.
• To empower and encourage
Christian churches to use sport to
reach out to the community .
• To advance the Christian religion
especially in and through sport in

Verite Sport

Verite Sport

Verite Sport exists to encourage a Christian presence in sport. It was founded in 2006 by Stuart Weir who remains the only employee. Stuart was a director of Christians in Sport (1990-2006) and has served in the leadership of the International Sports Coalition and the European Christian Sports Union. The work of Verite sport has three main aspects:
Supporting professionals as they seek to represent Christ in the world of professional sport.
Adding 10% to international sports ministry projects. There are currently projects in Argentina, Togo, Congo, Ukraine and Pakistan.
Producing resources on sport and Christianity.
Stuart is a prolific writer, having written 10 books on aspects of sport and faith, which have been translated into several languages. He also writes a weekly sports email and contributes sport and faith articles to The-Times-on-line. Much of this is downloadable from the Verite Sport website.

Christian Golf Society

Christian Golf Society:

CGS logoCGS Nat Church Cup Rego Form 2016

CGS support a growing number of church based events around the country by providing a grand final for the winners of each event to qualify for and to play in. The National Christian Golf Cup final is held around August-September each year. The 2016 Final is being held on Saturday 20th August in Oxfordshire.

There are tournaments in Essex, Surrey, West Midlands plus many other counties across the UK every year. Do make contact to find out more, to join in with one of the events or to set up your own in your Church. It could be a four-ball or 100 strong, just doing something with your Church Golfers and inviting your friends is the idea!


Onside Soccer

Onside Soccer ( is a Christian sports outreach charity which specialises in taking groups from the UK to the developing world to set up football coaching with children and young people there.  Working in partnership with local churches, we also engage in social projects and get involved fully in the communities where we are based.  Currently we have established links in Uganda, Ghana and Romania and hope to expand to other destinations soon.  As a charity we have three main aims:

  • to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved through sports coaching (mainly football),
  • to contribute to the work of social action projects in targeted areas via the contact of local churches,
  • to disciple and educate tour participants through a structured programme of daily talks, bible studies and practical application focusing on social justice, poverty and international development from a Christian perspective.

To help raise awareness of what we do and to assist with raising funds we also organise European football weekend breaks, giving customers the chance to see some of Europe’s top football teams in action.

Sports Ministry Resources

Christian Venues: Looking for a venue to take a small or large group for a fun team building day or a residential experience? Carroty Wood (Kent), Frontier Centre (Northants), Whithaugh Park (Scottish Borders) are run by Christian outdoor activity charity RockUK and they offer many activities or  a great facility for you to do your own stuff. Contact

Resources for Church Football Leagues: Mark Blythe has held every position whilst serving the longest running church football league in the country (the Southern Area Christian Football League – Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Information Secretary, Disciplinary Committee member, Results Secretary, Prayer Co-ordinator, Awards Night Organiser, Cup Final Organiser, Procedures writer…. If you need help starting or running a Church League do make contact. Email:

Christians in Sport offer a wide range of resources, books, tapes etc. Check out the website

Logos Golf Ministries

Logos Golf Logo

Logos Golf Ministries is an independent Christian charity founded in 2004, dedicated to Gospel ministry in golf.  Our main areas of work are:

  • Serving Tour professionals through chaplaincy on golf tours around the world
  • Supporting Christian Club and Teaching Professionals and reaching out to others
  • Encouraging and equipping churches and Christian amateur golfers to use golf for the Gospel

Golf is a truly international sport played by 60 million people around the world and watched by further millions of men, women, boys and girls.  Professional golf is televised every week in more than 200 countries and translated into nearly 40 languages, reaching more than 500 million households – why not get involved and play your part so that golfers hear the good news of Jesus Christ and keep growing in their love and knowledge of Him.

Find out more at or contact us at:

Logos Golf Ministries, PO Box 1071, St Albans, AL1 9RE

Tel: 07794 003608


CVM – Christian Vision for Men

Christian Vision for Men –

A range of events, talks & resources designed for men, eg an FA Cup Final watching event with burgers, beer, crisps and no healthy food!

Find out more on the website or through the following:


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CVM hold an annual Men Only Conference, called The Gathering. 1000 Men in a field near Swindon! Sports, Scalectrix, Comedy, Talks – brilliant for believers and not-yet-believers, bring your mates. 20-22 June, 2014 –  check the website for details.



The National Christian Football Festival (
This is a fabulous football  festival for church based teams from all over the UK. Teams enter from Sunderland to Stockport, from Essex to Birmingham and from Bristol to Surrey, a great mix of sides playing with great spirit and skill.
The 2014 event will again be held in Loughborough after previous stagings in Manchester, Derby and Bristol.

Contact Ambassadors Football on 0845 071 4390 or email Festival Co-ordinator Steve Read on for further information.

NCFF form 2014 – Print entry form here

The London Churches Football Tournament

2014 will be the 11th year of this expanding tournament that provides a well organised event for London based Churches. The Soccerdome at Greenwich by the O2 is used and it has proved to be a superb venue with it’s 8 5-a-side pitches on 3G astroturf undercover.

Youths: U10s, U12s, U14s, U16s have their own day this year on Sat 3rd May.

Men & Women play on Bank Holiday Monday 5th May.

This event is provided by Ambassadors Football with partnerships over the years with Kick London, Christians in Sport, All Souls Church, Trinity Church Islington, Sportsforce and Founders ‘Church on the Corner’.

All teams must represent a Church and entry is on a first come first served basis so make contact soon.

Contact Steve Read on for 2014 Tournament information. Or download an entry form here:

LCFT Entry Form 2014

Dave Oakley Ambassadors CEO sharing a message in 2012
Winners Emmanuel London


Christians in Football

Christians in Football:

Christians in Football, formed in 1990, is the National Network Association of Christian-based Football Clubs. It co-ordinates an effective approach of envisioning, encouraging, enabling and training key leaders in Football Ministry, both in Church Leagues and Christian-based Teams that play in Secular Leagues. In 1992, CIF started and continues to organise the National Christian Cup and introduced another National Competition, the National Christian Trophy, 3 years ago. For 12 years, the National Finals have been held on Professional grounds. CIF has run 26 European Mission Tours since 1991.


Postgraduate Awards in Sport and Christian Outreach

University of Gloucestershire

Postgraduate Awards in Sport and Christian Outreach

MA in Sport and Christian Outreach (Sports Ministry)

MA in Sport and Christian Outreach (Sports Chaplaincy)

Led by specialist teams of staff from the University of Gloucestershire and associates from Redcliffe College, these courses seek to provide postgraduate level accreditation for those wishing to pursue (or already pursuing) careers in sports ministry or sports chaplaincy settings.

Drawing upon key aspects of applied theology, sports studies, and community development, both courses are specifically designed to provide candidates with an academic and professional grounding in their respective fields whilst considering more broadly how Christian sports practitioners might connect with the wider sporting world. Three levels of qualification are on offer: Postgraduate Certificate (three taught modules), Postgraduate Diploma (six taught modules), and/or full MA (six taught modules plus dissertation).

To accommodate the specific needs of those who work full-time in their occupational roles, these awards are delivered predominantly via intensive 4-5 day blocks over the course of the academic year.

If you are a graduate from a related discipline, or have a particular interest in the relationship between sport and faith, you are strongly encouraged to apply. Part-time or full-time study options are available. (Please note that although course provision is at postgraduate level, entry is not dependent upon the prior acquisition of an undergraduate degree).

If you would like to learn more about our courses, then please click the following links:

Alternatively, if you would like to chat further about the courses that we have on offer, then please contact:

Professor Andrew Parker

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Care

University of Gloucestershire

Oxstalls Campus

Oxstalls Lane

Gloucester, UK



Fax: +44 (0) 1242 715222

Mobile: 07920 210333


More Than Gold 2014

Check out the website for information

More Than Gold2014 is the charity representing the Churches in the UK for the Commonwealth Games in Scotland in 2014.

The principal objective of More Than Gold is to mobilise the Christian Churches and agencies to play a full part in serving the Organising Committee for the Commonwealth Games It has been a tradition for the Churches in the host country to mobilise thousands of volunteers, providing hospitality for families of athletes, offering chaplaincy services and the distributing of water to spectators, among many other activities.

Contact Details



SPORTSFORCE ( Contact Mark Blythe

Serving Churches through sport. This ministry is set up to help the local church to use sport as an outreach tool. Training and practical support are available. Contact Mark to arrange a meeting with the sporty people in your Church.

The following activities have been initiated:

The National Christian Football Festival – 11-a-side football weekend for church based teams – contact Ambassadors Football 0845 071 4390

The National Christian Veterans Football Cup (over 35s) – contact Mark to enter

Football Ministry Conferences – For everyone that loves Jesus & Football – contact Mark

The National Christian Cricket Festival – for church based teams. Now being run by World Sport Ministries contact

The National Church Golf Cup – contact the Christian Golf Society (

MISTAKES IN CHURCH FOOTBALL – We’ve made them all so we’ve written a book to prevent you doing the same!

A book to help churches that run football teams for outreach has been released. It is based on the experiences Mark Blythe has had heading up the Molesey Community Church football outreach for over 10 years. Every mistake has been made! To learn from them pick up a copy from (or call 01903 241975) for just £10. Title “FOOTBALL 2 FOOTBALL MINISTRY 3″ ie Football is good but footy ministry is even better!

Church Football Leagues: Mark has held every position whilst serving the longest running church football league in the country (the Southern Area Christian Football League – Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Information Secretary, Disciplinary Committee member, Results Secretary, Prayer Co-ordinator, Awards Night Organiser, Cup Final Organiser, Procedures writer…. If you need help starting or running a Church League do make contact.

World Sport Ministries

World Sport Ministries. We are a Christian sports organisation that is called to serve, partner and reach. We desire to serve communities, partner with churches and other agencies and reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through sport. Our HQ is based in Bath, England and since January 1999, we have developed teams of people to use sports outreach projects, programmes and events. To date we have helped train leaders and / or establish sports ministry teams in Bath, Bristol, Newham, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Pakistan, Barbados and Germany.

Mission - To reach the world for Jesus Christ through Sport.

Vision – To start and support Sports Ministry Teams that reach communities throughout the world.

Tel: 01225 851630


Church of England: Ministry of Sport

Contact our Sport Ambassador:

Rob Taylor

07775 687682

Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham
The Ministry of Sport operates across sports, across denominations, and across Nottinghamshire. We support amateur and professional sportspeople in their walk with Christ; provide opportunities for people interested in sport to investigate the Christian faith; enthuse local churches to engage and share in the passion that ordinary people have for sport; and aim to have a positive impact on the culture of sport. Check out our website to see what event is coming-up next and how you can get involved.

Higher Sports

Higher sports horiz new



Higher Sports is a practical resource to equip any church in any country make a difference in its community with the life changing message of Jesus. The coaching module and the teaching packages are designed in such a way as to enable church personnel to run them without any external help.

Higher Sports is a 6-8 week course for churches and schools involving sports coaching and games together with Christian based teaching. The material for each of these three resources (rugby, football and games) allows for an hour of coaching followed by a ‘team talk’. The drills and coaching skills are clearly set out in the Higher Sports manuals with accompanying diagrams, teaching points and progressions. The implementation of these do not require the Coach to be qualified in the sport but rather to have an enthusiasm and enjoyment for working with young people in the sporting arena.

The resource bag contains all that is necessary to action the coaching and the teaching sessions and allows for Higher Sports to be presented in many forms:

  • As a course lasting several weeks culminating in an Awards Ceremony with a guest speaker from the sporting world
  • As a sports clinic week
  • Part of a summer camp programme
  • ​As the basis of Church’s Holiday Week programme
  • ​Integral part of a school’s Physical Education programme with provision to include delivery of key stage 2 values within the classroom environment
  • Inclusion in a school’s Religious Education programme with extended studies of the ‘team talk’ material

Contact Us:

9, Kepax Gardens, Worcester, England, WR3 7LB, United Kingdom.

Office: +44 (0)1677 426347
Mobile: +44 (0)7711 572032

Rock UK Adventure Centres

RockUK_2013 ADV

ROCK UK is a long established Christian charity providing exciting outdoor adventure at its UK based adventure centres. We are passionate about developing young people and using the outdoors to transform lives. We run residential and day programmes that are accessible to all ages with instructed activities or you can choose to run your own programme.

Our adventure centres are in Kent (Carroty Wood), Northants (Frontier Centre), South Wales (Summit Centre) and The Scottish Borders (Whithaugh Park). Over 50,000 people visit our centres every year from a variety of groups including schools, youth groups, sports clubs, Christian Unions, corporate groups, community groups, churches and many more.

Many of our instructors joined us as gap year trainees where they became inspired to pursue careers developing young people. If you would like to receive high quality training in adventurous activities and gain National Governing Body Awards in canoeing, kayaking, climbing, archery and many others, then please contact, call 0844 8000 222 or visit our website